Friday, August 28, 2009

A month in the life...

April 23rd, Thursday

Dear Diary,

This month been rough This month has been absolutely terrible.

Things started out well enough, with the designs for the new pier finished, and construction of two new ships nearly completed. Things quickly went downhill, though. I was quite proud of the new ships and assumed they could take on anything the sea could throw at them. This was, of course, incredibly stupid. I decided to field-test one of the ships personally and to show how confident I was, didn't bring some of the most basic safety equipment.

Not more than 2 or 3 days outside the town of Ravila (roughly 10 days down the coast from Babbage) a storm hit. Had I done my research I would have known Ravila was famous for the numerous rocky islands around it. In clear weather it would be a difficult journey, in the storm it proved to be impossible.

It wasnt long before the ship was split open and I was in the water. My metal limbs sent me plummeting like a rock. I scrambled to detach them and take my chances on the surface. Against all odds, the bit of hull I managed to grab onto seemed to have gotten caught in a current that avoided the rocks.

Eventually the chunk of hull slammed into the side of a dock. I did what I could to guide it to a nearby ladder (quite difficult with one arm and one leg). Not sure how long I sat on that dock before two familiar faces akcnowledged my presence there. Rip and Orchid Wirefly, residents of Babbage that I had only passing meetings with until now, had apparently also come to Ravila, though their journey had gone much better than mine.

They've offered to let me stay with them while they take care of their business in Ravila, and will bring me back to Babbage with them when they are done. We're in a small camp outside the town at the moment, but it's infinitely better than clinging to a hunk of hull or sitting on that dock. Quite hoping the rest of my stay here is uneventful.

-Kaylee Frye

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